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It's Icemas Eve, and Fanboy hopes to have the M.O.R.K. (Mega Octo Rocket Kracken). But when he tries to change his mind after hearing about the S.M.O.R.K. (Super Mega Octo Rocket Kracken), his Wishsicle turns red and he lands on the naughty list. He and Chum Chum go to Man-Arctica's workshop to prove Fanboy nice so he doesn't end up naughty forever.

The Fanlair

Frosty Mart Arrival

Chum Chum and Fanboy's Wishes

Nice to Naughty

Man-Arctica's Workshop

Sneaking to Work


It Wasn't Really Bad

Stuff The Bears/Finishing the job

Leaving for the Night

Going After Man-Arctica

Bear Battle

The Big Reveal

A Brrr-y Ending

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