This was a deleted Fanboy and Chum Chum episode which was only referenced in The Fanboy Bible.


"There's a new flavor of Frosty Freezy Freeze to be released at 3:00 after school, and Fanboy is so excited he's practically bouncing off the walls! His teacher, Mr. Pepper, tells him that if he can't control his outbursts, he will be forced to stay "extra time" after school. Extra time at school! To Fanboy, it might as well be a sentence of death. The teacher gives Fanboy three strikes to try to behave. Of course, by the time Mr. Pepper has even written "Fanboy's three stri-" on the board, Fanboy has already racked up strike 1. For the remainder of the day, Fanboy must struggle to keep silent in class. But a succession of crazier and crazier occurrences provoke him, culminating with a fly who lands on his arm and says 'You have to help me! My species is dying and we need your help! You must tell the world!' Fanboy squashes him. The greater challenge is fighting the distractions caused by his best friend Chum Chum."


  • This episode bears some similarities to "Separation Anxiety," because both plots are about Fanboy getting in trouble including the teacher giving him "3 strikes".
  • Mr. Pepper was replaced with Mr. Mufflin.
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