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Between Lenny and Agent Johnson
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"Your Chimp's been Chomped!"

Boog is a character of Fanboy & Chum Chum, and the series' central antagonist.

Early Life

When Boog was little, he had to stay in a plastic bubble on account that he is allergic to everything. When he accidently bopped himself he said "Someday when I get out of this bubble I'm gonna inflict this kind of pain on others someday... someday..." and he has done so.

Present Life

Now, the only employee of the Frosty Mart to Lenny Flynn-Boyle, Boog is a bully who isn't afraid to get in anyone's way. He almost plays Chimp Chomp all the time, and has the urge to bop almost anyone.


Boog is a short-tempered bop-happy bully who is obsessed with the video game Chimp Chomp, which he plays at the Frosty Mart, often instead of working. He even has the urge to bop anyone. Whenever someone is in his way, he bops them with his mighty bopping fist. Usually, before bopping, he says something very serious to him (i.e. "I'm so bopping you!"). He also has a tendency to cry out for Chimp Chomp at times, especially when giving up part of it for something he really wants.

Physical Appearance


Boog is big, taller than almost anyone, and is pale apricot skinned. He has a large, blonde mullet with bangs swoopt to the left, and has a soul patch below his mouth.

Boog usually wears a light blue shirt with shreads at the sleeves and a white collar, with grey army camouflage jeans, under his Frosty Mart uniform. He wears a pair of black ankle boots on his feet, perfect for marching up to someone to bop them. He also wears a red, white and blue wristband on his right wrist, which he considers a sign of bopping.

Episode Appearances


Boog caught
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  • Boog mentions that he grew up in a plastic bubble due to the fact that he had numerous allergies. This is an homage to John Travolta, who starred in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.
  • He has a prized muscle car named Sandy, which is a possible nod to the Travolta movie Grease.
  • Boog talks like Travolta's character, Vinnie Barbarino, in Welcome Back, Kotter.
  • Boog is probably of Italian descent, given his last name.
  • He considers Lenny an enemy sometimes, but sometimes they work together to get rid of the boys.
  • His favorite game is Chimp Chomp, and he plays it quite often.
  • Boog can be friendly to Fanboy and Chum Chum sometimes. In Prank Day, Monster in the Mist, and the end of The Big Bopper.
  • He also has a fear of monsters as seen in Monster in the Mist.
  • He considers bopping people to be a hobby.
  • It is revealed in Back from the Future that he used to be very nice.
  • Boog stated that he was allergic to fur in Bubble Trouble and suffered an allergic reaction thanks to Fanboy and Chum Chum's fur hats. But in Game Boy, when he was attacked by Chimp Chomp, he didn't have an allergic reaction. Either this is a continuity error, or Boog simply isn't allergic to monkey fur.
  • In Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble, it is shown that Boog can perform a special, deadly bop called the H-Bop. When he strikes the victim with the H-Bop, a loud explosion is created and a mushroom cloud forms.
  • Boog himself has been bopped by two other characters in the show: Chum Chum in The Incredible Chulk and Lemuel in The Big Bopper (he was also bopped by a stock image of a real fist in the latter episode).
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