"Whoo-Hoo!, You're it!"
-Cher Leader

Cher Leader is one of the cheerleaders in Fanboy and Chum Chum.


Cheerful, uplifting, and fearless, Cher Leader is the wildest cheerleader everyone's ever met. She almost pops up anywhere cheering anyone on. She got the nickname "Cheer" because of all the cheers she does. She is the leader of the school's cheer squad, and leads them into getting the crowds loud.

Physical Appearance

Cher is tall and thin, with yellow skin. She has deep, red hair in two, high pigtails with yellow bows, and wears a green and white cheerleader uniform with green and white high-top sneakers.


Chum chum's cousin just barfed on the dance floor!
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  • Her first speaking role was when she, along with her twin sisters, got sprayed by Fanboy's stink ("Fanboy Stinks").
  • She pushed Kyle over while playing tag (Excuse Me).
  • In her early appearances, she has a nice American accent, but in later appearances she has a strong Texan accent. It might just be the different sisters talking,since she is a triplet. She probably has a Texan accent and her sisters just have general American accents.
  • In "Night Morning", she was strangely not seen during the montage of the guests leaving angrily.
  • As a pirate, she goes by the nickname "Peppy the Hook" (Fanboy A'Hoy!)
  • Cher wears white and green, so perhaps those are the school colors.
  • Sometimes, her pigtails droop when she's sad or upset.

Episode Appearances

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