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[Scene opens up with Fanboy and Chum Chum wearing Chimp Chomp hats. They are in a line for the movie theater]
Fanboy:I can't believe our town was picked for the world premiere of Chimp Chomp: The Movie. [zoom out to reveal the theater with the movie's ad on it. Close up of the countdown clock] And tickets go on sale in only 10 hours, 5 minutes and 20 seconds!
Chum Chum: [pause] Hm. [looks at his watch] I have 10 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds. I guess my chimp must be off.

Fanboy: oh if the Movies better than this line I don't know if I can take it,oh I'm feeling faint,quick I need a Chimp Chomp Product.

Chum Chum: we got cherry chewy chips,Monkey Bites and Ape Drinks.

Fanboy: Cherry Chewy Chips,and I'll wash it down with a vanilla gorilla.

Hank;: I doubt that everyone is here for half.

[just then Boog comes in and hit Hank with a Chimp Chomp Hammer,and he hits everyone else with it]

Boog: 100 points! 200 point! 300 points! there's no stopping this Chimp when he's Bopping!

Chum Chum: oh I love these,they're Brains squirt real fruit juice when you bite them.

[Boog eats thier fruit bars]

Boog; your Chimps been Chomped,oh double Chimp,you've got served.

Fanboy: oh look who it is it's Boog,what brings you here for this fine evening?

Boog: are you kidding me,Chimp Chomps my life.

Chum Chum: I thought giving people knuckle sandwhiches was your life?

Boog: that's more of a hobby,but I'm thinking of doing both!

Fanboy: well I'm sure you have places to be,people to shove,we won't stop you.

Boog: well I was gonna cut to the front,but the I figure,why look for fresh wedges,when the wedges are right,right here?

[Boog started giving F.B&C.C wedges]

Boog: hey don't struggle it only makes them tighter.

Fanboy: uh are you sure you wanna stay here,I saw a nice pale kid,and he looks easy enough to bruise.

Boog: no I think I'll hang here,and hang you here!

[Boog hangs Fanboy and Chum Chum until they flew up in the sky]

Chum Chum: look now it's only 10 hours and 4 minutes and 20 seconds!

[Fanboy and Chum Chum fall to the ground]

Fanboy: I'm sure it'll fly by.

[a few minutes later Boog started twisting Fanboy and Chum Chum]

Boog: yeah I wanted to dress up like Chimp Chomp,but the costume wouldn't fit me.

[until Boog's muscle grew and F.B and C.C started to untwist and fly Boog hold on to them]

Boog: yeah,I totally got mad air,look at that!

[a few more minutes later Boog used Fanboy and Chum Chum as golf acraments]

Boog: you know the energy is perfect for some Chimp Chomp Golf.

[Boog hits Chum Chum until he fell into a sewer hole]

Boog: yes hole in one!

[the next morning]

Boog: now the soul is one energy in all of us.

[Boog gave Fanboy and Chum Chum wet willys]

Fanboy: hey the big bannas at zero,tickets are for sale!

[Fanboy and Chum Chum went to get their tickets]

Lenny: welcome to Galaxy Hills Theater,how can I help you?

Fanboy: well Lenny,you can start by doing the Chimp Chomp dance for us.

[Lenny thens turn on some music and started Dancing]

Lenny: oh now my peels all sweaty.

Fanboy: well chimping ain't easy,now two for tonights screening.

Chum Chum: don't forget,we need to get one for Oz.

Fanboy: good point Chum Chum,make that three tickets.

Lenny: here you go.

Chum Chum: oh our tickets.

Fanboy: let's see how they glow in the sun!

[ Fanboy and Chum Chum left,Boog came]

Boog: don't run too far you two,I wanna flatten you into pancakes,and then get some waffles alright,yo loser,give me...

Lenny: sorry,sold out,no more tickets.

Boog: no more tickets,where they all go?

[Hank had all of the tickets]

Hank: boy I'm glad I got these coupons,they could come in handy someday.

Boog: but but,but I gotta see the Chimp Chomp Movie,Chimp Chomp is my whole life,I play it everyday,even in a Plastic Bubble,can't you give me a ticket please?

Lenny: oh sorry,they bought the last three.

Fanboy: hey Oz.

Oz: hey little dudes.

Fanboy: perfect timing Oz,we got your ticket.

Oz: oh I got some seriously bad news,I forgot I promise to take my Mom to the West Mr. Goat Show.

Oz's Mom: let's got Ozwald,we gotta get there early so Miszie can meagle.

Oz: coming Mother.

[so Oz and his Mother got on Miszie and they left]

Chum Chum: but Oz,what do we do with your ticket?!?

[Boog suddenly came]

Boog: hey fellas,nice to see ya,Chum Chum,you looking well,look boys here's the thing,I need you two twerps to sell me your extra ticket.

Fanboy: you didn't get a ticket?

Boog: I know it's crazy right,so what if you say if I take the..

Fanboy: Chum Chum,quick lock and loaded!

[Chum Chum locked the tickets in a safe]

Boog: oh come on guys,I'll do anything!

Fanboy: you know Chum Chum,maybe it's all the wet willys but I think I just heard Boog say he'll do anything to get this ticket.

Chum Chum: anything?

Boog: anything,you want.

Fanboy: how about,EVERYTHING we want?

Boog: only for you.

[Boog took Fanboy and Chum Chum to school]

Boog: hear me,hear me,presenting the King of Awesome,Fanboy,and his main man,the Master of Funkyness,mix Master Chum Chum,thier piece of cake.

Fanboy: good now the other thing.

Boog: oh come on!

Chum Chum: ticket ticket ticket.

Boog: also,I like to make poopy in my diaper.

[everyone started laughing]

Fanboy: that's a good boy,now here's Boogy Bears Beaky.

[Boog was now wearing a pasaphire,everyone started laughing]

[outside everyone started playing Dodgeball]

Boog: ah the sound of dweebs getting hurt,it feels great,I love Dodgeball!

Chum Chum: no,Big Kids can't play.

Boog: well why am I here?

[Fanboy and Chum Chum use Boog as a Human Shield]

F.B & C.C: Human Shield!

[everyone started throwing Dodgeballs at Boog]

Boog: do it for Chimp Chomp,do it for Chimp Chomp,do it for Chimp Chomp!

[at the Frosty Mart Boog gave Fanboy and Chum some Frosty Freezy Freezes,while wearing a French Maid outfit]

Fanboy: hmm a hour till showtime,how will we spend the time?

[Fanboy and Chum Chum stared at the Chimp Chomp Machine]

Boog: oh no,not my precious baby,nobody touches my Chimp Chomp but me!

Fanboy: it's okay Boog,why don't you stay here,and we'll go see the Movie with someone else.

Boog: alright,but I beg you,be gentle with her.

[Chum Chum went first]

Voice: player one go,you loose.

Chum Chum: yay!

Boog: okay you had your fun!

[Chum Chum gave Boog the creepy smile]

Chum Chum: I want the high score!

Boog: what are you nuts,you got 3 points!

Chum Chum: I want the high score!

Boog: okay look,980 thousand,989 thousand,those are high scores,I know,because I earned them!

Chum Chum: I want the high score!

Boog: but the only way is to do that,is to erase my High Scores!

Fanboy: well then if you don't do that,you can't see the Movie with us.

Boog: excuse me.

[Boog went outside and he started to freak out,then he went back inside]

Boog: fine,step aside.

[Boog press the Reset Final Button,until all of his high scores were gone,Boog felt a little depress now]

Boog; thier gone,thier all gone,and I think I'm about to cry.

[Boog started crying]

Fanboy: here you go Boog,you earned it.

[Fanboy gave Boog the third ticket]

Chum Chum: well I guess we better get going,we don't wanna miss the previews.

Fanboy: so should we all go together,or you wanna meet us there?

[Boog started laughing evily]

Boog: you know when I was in a plastic bubble,Chimp Chomp was all that I was good at,but now I found something else that I'm good at,boping you guys,and that's what I'm gonna do during the Movie,watch Chimp Chomp and bop you at the same time!

[Fanboy and Chum Chum imagine what would happen if Boog went to the Movies with them,he would be torturing them while watching the Movie]

Fanboy: why didn't we thought of that?

Chum Chum: we really shouldn't have thought of that.

Fanboy: there's only one thing to do,Chum Chum,get that ticket!

[Chum Chum took the ticket]

Fanboy: run Chum Chum,run like the wind!

Boog: get back here!

[Fanboy,Chum Chum and Boog started fighting over the ticket]

Lenny: hey watch it,cut it out!

[Lenny accientally hit Boog with the Microwave]

Lenny: okay.

[Lenny runs away,Boog looks at the clock on the Microwave]

Boog: [gasp] it's seven twenty!

F.B & C.C: we're missing the Movie!

[Boog,F.B and C.C ran to the Movie Theater,just then everyone came out the Movie was over]

Michael: Chimp Chomp is great,that Movie was Bad.

F.B,C.C,Boog: we're too late!

Michael: that's not all you miss,Chimp Chomp was there in person,and he gave us all autographs,and Monkey Bites,and Bags of Money!

Chris: wah wah,wah,wah.

Boog: it was one night only and you made me miss it!

Fanboy: no you made us miss it!

Boog: I know one thing I won't miss,your face!

[Boog and Fanboy started fighting,Chum Chum broked them up]

Chum Chum: guys,there's only one thing we can do!

[the next night,Boog,Fanboy and Chum were first in line to wait for Chimp Chomp the Movie 2]

Boog: only 378 more days until Chimp Chomp 2,I love sequels.

[Boog started chuckling while giving Fanboy and Chum Chum noogies]

Chum Chum: the noogies were better in the first one.

[the scene iris out to black,the episode is over]

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