Chris Chuggy is a classmate of Fanboy and Chum Chum's.


Chris Chuggy seems to be the guy with the smallest brain in Galaxy Hills. As mentioned in Fanboy A'Hoy!, his brain is extremly tiny. He seems unable to form sentences or words, but is able to communicate with the only phoneme he can utter: "Wah." He also appears in "Saving Private Chum Chum" as one of Fanboy's helpers and is often seen in class with the boys. Kyle is maybe one of his friends, as seen in Man-Arctica the Ride. He is seen riding in the cart with him. He also seems to be friends with Michael, as seen in "Chimp Chomp Chumps."


Chris Chuggy is roundish with orange hair. He wears a sky blue shirt with some strange yellow creature on it, brown pants, and grayish-blue tennis shoes.


  • His full name, as revealed in "Present Not Accounted For", is Cristobal Chuggy.
  • Chris only being able to say "wah" is probably an allusion to the adult characters in the Peanuts specials.
  • Chris isn't the only character to have two voice actors. Miss Olive has been voiced by Candi Milo and Nika Futterman, and Nancy Pancy has been voiced by Kari Wahlgren and Nika Futterman.
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