Hello, my tiny --

Yo cuddling Chum Chum.

Chum Chum Is Not a Toy (also known as Yo Won't Go) is one of 6 promotional shorts for Fanboy and Chum Chum.


While walking in the school hallway, Yo begs Fanboy if she could play with Chum Chum. Fanboy gets mad and says that Chum Chum is not a toy. But Yo disagrees and dashes off, Chum Chum in hand. Just while she is hugging him, Chum Chum springs apart, and is revealed to be a dummy, and Fanboy hid the real Chum Chum in his locker. When he and Fanboy spy an angry Yo, Chum Chum thinks this isn't over yet. Fanboy ends the short by quoting "Not by a long shot."


  • Yo: Oh, Come on Fanboy, Can I just play with him, Please?!
  • Fanboy: No way Yo.
  • Yo: Please?
  • Fanboy: Look, Chum Chum is not a toy.
  • Yo: But he is so squishy and cute.
  • Fanboy: You can't have him.
  • Yo: Hm.
  • Fanboy: She just doesn't give up.
  • (Yo steals Chum Chum)
  • Yo: Hehehehehahahaha!, Hm, Hello my tiny.
  • (Chum Chum breaks apart?)
  • Yo: Huh?
  • (She realizes it's a decoy)
  • Yo: Ahhhh!,
  • (Fanboy shows that the real Chum Chum is in his locker)
  • Yo: Grr!
  • Chum Chum: This isn't over yet?, Is it?
  • Fanboy: Not by a long shot.


You can't have him
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  • This might take place before "Trading Day", as Fanboy is calm whan saying "Chum Chum is not a toy". In the later episode, he says it again, more outraged.
  • This is the only time Chum Chum has only one line of dialogue.


  • When Yo is going to hug fake Chum Chum, her nose is out of place.
  • During the close-up shot of Yo noticing fake Chum Chum, a pink mark can be seen faintly on her right eye.
  • When we first see Yo unnatural at the prank, her hands are at her sides, but when Fanboy says "Not by a long shot" Yo's hands are on her hips.
  • At the same time, while Yo is unnatural, her eyelashes are rippled, when really, they should be straight.
  • When Yo looks over and sees Fanboy is not there and when she's unnatural later on, her eyelashes are not attached to her eyelids.
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