These are many scenes that didn't make a Fanboy and Chum Chum episode, or got altered. This is most likly used if the episode is running too long or the scene is too suggestive for children.

Season 1


Original Version

Final Version

After Mr. Mufflin says "Yes, purple kid?" Fanboy says "We have a question." Mr. Mufflin then says, "Is it in any way related to the morning announcements?", the boys mumble, then say, "No." Mr. Mufflin says, "Then please hold all questions until class officially begins." The boys stare at the clock, and when the hand strikes 12, they ask their question. After Mr. Mufflin says "Yes, purple kid?", Fanboy and Chum Chum ask their question.
Besides "Which juice box goes best with Meat Larf?" and "Red or White Grape?", the boys also ask, "Do monkeys tell jokes?", "Why is the sky blue?" and "Is that your real face?" The boys only ask "Which juice box goes best with Meat Larf?" and "Red or White Grape?"
After Mr Mufflin learns there's a new student, he says, "Like there's not enough of you snot despensers jammed in here already." Mr. Mufflin does not say this.
During Kyle's grand enterance, before he said "traveler of the mystical worlds of necromancy", he also said "master of the dark arts". Also, he said "bow down" before introducing himself. Kyle does not say the following dialogue.
After Kyle asks if he can do his enterance again, he also adds that something smells like ham and he just bathed, and runs when he smells mystical smoke. Kyle does not do this.
After Fanboy says, "When we play ninjas", he demonstrates as a ninja by Lupe. Fanboy just pretends to be a ninja at his desk.
After Fanboy says, "I think I got the play part", he and Kyle alternate "real" and "play". Fanboy and Kyle do not alternate.
After Kyle says, "I think we're done here", he also says, "It's bad enough that I have to endure public school, but to be forud with you mouth breathing twits, I won't have it!" Kyle does not say this.
In the dome of privacy scene, Chum Chum says "I think my lunch is in your dome." Kyle throws it out, and Chum Chum responds, "See you at recess." In the dome of privacy scene, Fanboy says, "Hey, can we play wizards in your dome?" Kyle rolls up the window, and Fanboy says, "Is there a toilet in there?"
After coming as wizboy and Fanboy asks if Kyle wants an enterance, Chum Chum comes in and does the same thing, only that dust fills the screen. Chum Chum's second wizard enterance was cut.
After Fanboy does the "add a finger" trick, Chum Chum said, " did he do it?" After Fanboy does the "add a finger" trick, Chum Chum said, "Wizzzzzboyyyyy!"
After Kyle shows his wand, he says "Cast your unworthy eyes on the instrument of doom!" Kyle does not say this.
After Kyle gasps after his wand is taken, Fanboy gives Kyle a spare wand which is really a bent straw, and he and Chum Chum chew on it. This was not included, Kyle just gasps.
Before the lunch scene, Kyle finds the boys. Fanboy says he wants them to disappear, and fake it. Kyle tries to show them for real, but he gets trampled and his shoe comes off, not disappearing. He then asks if he can throw it over to him. Scene deleted.
After he and Chum Chum sit with Kyle, Fanboy pretends to bend a spoon with his mind. This sequence was cut.
After Kyle says, "never do that again!" Chum Chum adds, "he doesn't want us to touch his coloring book." Chum Chum does not say this.
After Chum Chum fake-levetates the ketchup, Kyle talks about levetation, and Fanboy fake-levetates himself. Kyle then says he'll show them real levetation, and adds that it was taught by sorcerer monks of Gai-Lin, BEFORE levetating. Also, Chum Chum cheers Fanboy and, with Fanboy, cheer Kyle during the same sequence After Chum Chum fake-levetates the ketchup, Kyle just shows them real levetation. Also, the cheering was removed.
While Kyle is levetating, he says, "Are we taking notes? Good" after he starts. He also adds "You nitwits" in one of his dialogue. These lines were not included.
Originally, the camera was supposed to start on Kyle, then zoom to his face when he says "oh dear." The camera just shows Kyle's face close-up.
On the playground, Chum Chum notices the pizza on Kyle's head, says they didn't know they had it, and Kyle throws it off his head so Chum Chum can catch it. The pizza just falls off Kyle's head.
Kyle mocks Fanboy's wizard attitude. Kyle's mocking sequence was cut.
Chum Chum hears about the wizard-off announcement, and says, "Ooh, an old-fashioned wizard-off!" Chum Chum does not say this.
After Kyle says, "I'll bring mine", he adds "then we'll see who is the wizard" before leaving. Chum Chum ends with a chalk-dust smoke routine. The following dialogue and action were deleted.
After reading his spell cards, Kyle does a vocal excercise and drinks a cup of hot tea. He also says Fanboy's name when he wants to get this over with. Kyle does not say Fanboy's name, nor the following actions.
After Fanboy's last pose, Chum Chum says, "Shouldn't we wait for the crowd?

Chum Chum does not say this.

The Janitor Strikes Back

Original version Final version
After the montage of Yum Yum's fun day, F&C are at the Fanlair talking with Yum Yum, who's getting ready for school. Before leaving Fanboy tells Yum Yum he has to stay home. Scene deleted. After the montage, it cuts straight to the scene where Chum Chum talks to Kyle about Yum Yum.
After Chum Chum says "Our friend farts bubbles," Kyle says "Yes well, read it and weep" and shows his book report, which has a B-. Line removed; after Chum Chum's line, Yum Yum comes into the classroom.
The second time the Gum Alarm goes off, Yum Yum sits on Kyle, who responds with an annoyed "Watch out, you gooey clod!" Kyle says "Watch out, you gooey clod!" before Yum Yum sits on him. After this, Yum Yum says "Sorry."
Kyle is not seen falling into the giant hole made by the gum acid. Kyle is seen falling into the hole.

Trading Day

Original version Final version
After Fanboy daydreams of Mechatech, he spys Yo with overstuffed cheeks and asks her to cough it up. She coughs, revealing that she stuffed Chum Chum in her mouth, Scene deleted.
In the classroom scene, Kyle showed up with his Mechatech, reading a magazine while it gives him lemonade. Lupe also watched her Mechatech make sweaters. Kyle and Lupe's sequences were cut.

I, Fanbot

Original version Final version
There was a scene at the start, where Fanboy and Chum Chum find Kyle mixing a potion with his little warlock kit. Fanboy, however, mistakes eyes of newt for grapes. Later on, he is seen drinking the mixture, making him quote, "What? Do I have newt in my teeth?", and he burps, revealing a skull and crossbones over the school. Scene deleted. Also, the ending scene features Fanboy making a weird face the entire time Mr. Mufflin was talking, and the class gets angry at him.
Fanboy was the first to get his brain removed, then the robot. The robot went first, then Fanboy.
Kyle got a 43% on the test. Kyle got a 12%.

Brain Drain

Original version Final version
While Yo talks about the many things she'll do with Chum Chum, she tells him "I can dress you, and brush your hair, and paint you, and -- " she then stops and realizes what she said. The line "and paint you" was changed to "and dip you in chocolate" as the writers suggested someone painting someone would be too gruesome.

Night Morning

Original version Final version
Shortly before Fanboy's question montage starts, he breathes in deeply, then says "So, what can you do during Night Morning?" This line was cut for time.

Battle of the Stands

Original version

Final version
During the second montage of the boys waiting, a giant teddy bear walks up to Chum Chum and sells it lemonade, but it turns out to be his imagination. Scene deleted.
Just after Fanboy is accused of cutting in line, this scene is shown:

Fanboy: And if all you are going to act like this, we are not allowing your big meaty hands to touch our lemonade! (The customers storm toward him pounding their fists with fiery eyes, Hank is red in the face.)
Hank: What did you say, punk?!
Fanboy: BIG..MEATY..HANDS! (This is a reference to the Spongebob episode "Band Geeks" in which a fish with an English accent says Mr. Krabs has "big meaty claws.")
Oz: Well these hands ain't just for digging Man Arctica Comics, pipsqueak!
Fanboy: Bring it on old man! Bring it on! (Chum Chum tries to break up the fight.)
Chum Chum: No people, let's be smart and bring it off!
Kyle: (Sarcasticly) Oh, so now the talking raccoon is going to preach to us!(Chum Chum is literally thrown out of town and he crashes in to the boys' lemonade stand. The crowd now is stomping toward a trembling Fanboy they are wielding pitchforks and torches.)
Fanboy: Is it too late for sorry?
Yo and Lupe: Get him! (The crowd pounces on Fanboy who is screaming like a girl, and a violence cloud appears. The next scene shows Fanboy waiting in line with a ticket, bandaged up and holding a pair of crutches.)
Chum Chum: I feel sorry for you Fanboy.
Fanboy: Don't worry, I deserved it.

Scene deleted.
One of the "fakes" revealed about Lupe is that her real name is Hector, and she speaks in a manly voice to prove. This was replaced with Lupe being a robo-droid being operated by a smaller Lupe.
When the crowd goes over to the Frosty Freezy Freeze stand, The boys and girls plead for them to come back and promises not to fight again, Hank just glares at them and blows a raspberry at them. Scene deleted.

Freeze Tag

Original version

Final version
After leaving Oz Comix, the boys slam into a frozen Marsha on the sidewalk, and the camera pans on the frozen citizens while Chum Chum says, "Oh boy, not good." After leaving Oz Comix, the boys slam into a frozen Cher on the sidewalk, then a frozen Nancy, then a frozen Mitzi, and the camera zooms out to show the frozen citizens while Chum Chum says, "Oh boy, not good."
After the boys slam into a frozen Kyle and Man-Arctica asks the boys to lick from him, he says "Do ya?" and the camera zooms in on frozen Kyle. Man-Arctica does not say this. Also, the camera does not zoom in on Kyle.

Season 2

Present Not Accounted For

Original version

Final version
The kids say "Surprise! Happy Birthday, Chum Chum!" after the boys enter the classroom. The word "Surprise!" is not included.
Kyle starts his speech sequence after Fanboy and Chum Chum run up to join his magic show. Kyle starts his speech after he says "Since it's your birthday, I'll ignore that."
Kyle's speech sequence runs as follows:

"It is I, Kyle the Conjurer, here to perform magic, so dark, it'll cause you mere mortals, to weep before me, and bow down, in awe, of my infinite power!"

The speech sequence is altered:

"Since it's your birthday, I'll ignore that. And instead, perform MAGIC! So dark, it'll cause you mere mortals, to weep before me, and bow down, in awe, of my infinite power!"

After the speech sequence ends, Kyle has no cape the rest of the episode. Kyle still has his cape after the speech sequence ends. He seems to have brought along another cape after leaving behind his first one.
During Kyle's speech sequence, he does not start talking until the snow scene. Kyle talks for the entire speech sequence.
After the speech sequence, Chum Chum tells Kyle he didn't know what magic is and asks him to make a penny come out of his nose. Kyle tries to do something else, but Fanboy pretends to disappear, astonishing the class. Kyle complains the trick he was going to perform was summon a hydra and make it sing barbershop quartet, but gets stopped again by Chum Chum who asks him to pour milk into a newspaper. Chum Chum tells Kyle he didn't know what magic is and asks him to make a penny come out of his nose, which Kyle ignores and performs an epic speech sequence. After that, Chum Chum who asks him to pour milk into a newspaper, but Kyle says he has something grander in mind. Before he could perform, Fanboy pretends to disappear, astonishing the class. Kyle complains the trick he was going to perform was summon a dragon to paint everyone's names in fire, but gets stopped again by Chum Chum who asks him to make him a balloon poodle.
Fanboy leaves the magic show for a while, then searches the playground. Later, he goes back to the show and stays for the rest of it, before the cake comes in. Fanboy skips the entire magic show while he is on the playground. When he goes back to the classroom, the cake comes.
During the scene where Chum Chum gets a present from Dollarnator, he says it's a joke-a-day calendar from the future and reads one to him. Dollarnator does not talk. It's also unknown what gift he got for Chum Chum.

There Will Be Shrieks

Original version

Final version
At the start of the episode, a narrator introduces Fanboy and Chum Chum before their interruption. The narrator introduces both parts.
When the scene shifts to Kyle's house, it pans in on him reading a book on horrible creatures. The moment he turns the page, Fanboy and Chum Chum pop out, making him fly to the floor. The camera pans into the window of Kyle's living room, where he finds a book on horrible creatures. When he opens, Fanboy and Chum Chum pop out of it scaring him, but he stands up the entire time.
Kyle says "Oh, please! The only thing you'll evoke are cries of boredom," after learning F&C are just using kinds of food for their haunted house. Kyle's catchphrase, "Zing!" was added to his line.
Necronomicon starts the show of horrible creatures by sneaking by the kids. Necronomicon starts in front of the table, and lets the camera pan to Kyle as he introduces him.
As Necronomicon says his introduction, the kids appear to be nervous, until after the bailhok disappears, when they cheer. The kids are excited during the introduction, then become nervous when Kyle is about to summon the bailhok. The kids then cheer after the bailhok disappears.
After Fanboy tells Kyle he is in a hurry, Kyle says "Very well," before entering his avatar state. Kyle says "Oh, very well!" This was added for more oomph.

While Kyle is summoning the bailhok, he is pointing his finger upward, and while he takes it away, he puts his hand down.

Kyle is holding his wand upward, which glows a mean green aura, while summoning the bailhok. The bailhok disappears when he leans far back and his wand stops glowing, marking he's out of summon energy.
Kyle comes in to confront Mr. Trick. At the end, an aura surrounds him. The whole time Kyle confronts Mr. Trick, he is floating and a green aura is surrounding him.
Kyle starts his confrantation by saying "So, you think you could come to MY town to cast a spell on MY two idiots?!? Well, well, think again, Mr. Pumpkin Head, mon!" ant the camera cuts to a sweaty Fanboy. The line "Well, well, think again, Mr. Pumpkin Head, mon!" was removed, as viewers suggested that line meant Kyle was talking like a Rastafarian.
After releasing all 1,000 screams, while Kyle says "Oh, so very scared...ugh." his eyes roll back and he falls to the ground. Kyle is lying on the floor the whole time while releasing the final screams. Also, his eyes just bulge out of his head.
Fanboy and Chum Chum still do not have their taste as the episode comes to the finish. F&C have their taste back. This was changed to make it happy more.
At the very end of the episode, as F&C see the candy fall, Chum Chum is sad they still have no taste, and Fanboy tells him the rest of the senses grow stronger. Then, when he gets covered in the raining chocolate, he likes it. Then, the grapes that fell into the fire of Kyle's table earlier fall into Chum Chum's bowl, who notices them, and everyone laughs. The candy has stopped raining. Fanboy tries to cheer Oz up after his candy ark is ruined. Mr. Trick offers F&C a treat, and they chew it giving them a pink gum smile. Mr. Trick then says "They don't call me Mr. Trick for nothing" as the episode closes.


Fanboy with overstuffed Yo (storyboard)
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  • In "Night Morning", although the part where Fanboy breathes in deeply then says "So what can you do during Night Morning?" is removed, it can still be seen in the animatic.
  • The episode in season 1 that featured the most removed scenes was "Wizboy". If the scenes weren't removed, the episode would've been shorter than a 2-part episode, but longer than a regular, at about 13 minutes.
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