Main 3 worried what happens next s1e11a It was those two! They forced me to write those fake notes! The whole ordeal was very taxing.

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Templates are used to provide a quick way of linking to a large amount of information. All templates are surrounded by a double pair of curly braces, like this: {{Cleanup}}.

This page will list the major episode userboxes in use. General-purpose templates are listed on the List of templates page. Userboxes are listed on the List of userboxes page. The full list can be seen on the Category:Episode userboxes page.

Season 1

Template Episode Output
WizboyBox "Wizboy"
PickANoseBox "Pick a Nose"
JanitorStrikesBack "The Janitor Strikes Back"
DollarDayBox "Dollar Day"
TradingDayBox "Trading Day"
Dizzy with possibilities
HardSellBox "The Hard Sell"
DigitalPetCemetery "Digital Pet Cemetery"
You're my last hope! - cropped
FanboyStinkBox "Fanboy Stinks"
IFanbotBox "I, Fanbot"
BerrySickBox "Berry Sick"
ChimpChompChump "Chimp Chomp Chumps"
We're missing the movie!
PreciousPig "Precious Pig"
Fanboy got busted s1e6b - cropped
FangboyBox "Fangboy"
MonsterMistBox "Monster in the Mist"
BrainDrainBox "Brain Drain"
FanboyfriendBox "Fanboyfriend"
ChickenPoxBox "Chicken Pox"
Kyle "peck your feet" s1e9a
MoppyDearestBox "Moppy Dearest"
NorseAroundBox "Norse-ing Around"
Fanboy as a viking
JanitorApprentice "The Janitor's Apprentice"
ExcuseMeBox "Excuse Me"
NightMorningBox "Night Morning"
MarshaMarshaMarsha "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha"
SecretShopperBox "Secret Shopper"
Ready to face the secret shopper
PrankMasterBox "Prank Master"
Fanboy getting shocked by Yo
LittleGlopBox "Little Glop of Horrors"
Glop on Fanboy's lunch tray s1e13b
TotalRecallx "Total Recall"
Now my wips are nub. Okay? But I wub it!
RefillMadnessBox "Refill Madness"
REFILLS! chase
FrostyBusBox "The Frosty Bus"
TellTaleToy "The Tell-Tale Toy"
ColdWarBox "Cold War"
FanboyPlasticBubble "Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble"
SigmundTheSorcererBox "Sigmund the Sorcerer"
FanboyA'HoyBox "Fanboy A'Hoy!"
FanvsWild "Fan vs. Wild"
ShrinkingFanboy "The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy"
SeparationAnxietyBox "Separation Anxiety"
StringsBox "Strings Attached"
BookReportOfDead "The Book Report of the Dead"
StanArcticaBox "Stan Arctica"
ManArcticaTheRideBox "Man-Arctica the Ride"
FanbidextrousBox "Fan-bidextrous"
SaveChumChum "Saving Private Chum Chum"
JingleFeverBox "Jingle Fever"
EyesOnPrize "Eyes on the Prize"
BattleStandsBox "Battle of the Stands"
But he's not a baby!
LordOfRings "Lord of the Rings"
Chum chum with the scarves
There's no way off this roof!-cropped
IncredibleChulk "The Incredible Chulk"
NorseCodeBox "Norse Code"
GreatBikeMystery "The Great Bicycle Mystery"
Someone destroyed your bike - SD
BopworkOrange "A Bopwork Orange"
FreezeTagBox "Freeze Tag"

Season 2

Template Episode Output
I'mMA "I'm Man-Arctica!"
NoToyStoryBox "No Toy Story"
GameBoyBox "GameBoy"
CribNotesBox "Crib Notes"
Fanboy holding Baby Kyle
SchoolLock "Schoolhouse Lock"
BackFuture "Back From The Future"
I'll make sure no one gets a Frosty Freezy Freeze!
ToothOrScareBox "Tooth or Scare"
Kyle to F&C 'this shouldn't be hard' s2e4a
BigBopperBox "The Big Bopper"
PresentNotAccountedForBox "Present Not Accounted For
SwordInThrone "The Sword in the Throne"
BrainFreezeBox "Brain Freeze"
SlimeDayBox "Slime Day"
BoogZapBox "Boog Zapper"
Fanboy 'ZAPPER' - s2e7b
RiskyBriznessBox "Risky Brizness"
Now I say I'm tired
KidsHall "Kids in the Hall"
DreamVacation "Frosty Mart Dream Vacation"
HorrorFieldTrip "Field Trip of Horrors"
Yogurt World coupon on screen s2e9b
ThereWillBeShrieksBox "There Will Be Shrieks"
IglooIrritate "Igloo of Irritation" Template:IglooIrritate
HypnotOZedBox "HypnotOZed" Template:HypnotOZedBox
RobomanceEpisodeBox "Robo-mance"
RattleskunkupineBox "Rattleskunkupine!"
BubbleTroubleBox "Bubble Trouble"
F&C plus Boog shocked at Don't Walk s2e13a
LuckyChumBox "Lucky Chums" Template:LuckyChumBox
LastSFF "The Last Strawberry Fun Finger"
PowerOutBox "Power Out"
The movie begins
DentalIllnessBox "Dental Illness"
Disgusting tooth s2e15a
ChampChompBox "Champ of Chomp" Template:ChampChompBox
LiceLiceBox "Lice Lice Baby" Template:LiceLiceBox
GetNextTime "Get You Next Time" Template:GetNextTime
VeryBrryIcemasBox "A Very Brrr-y Icemas"
FunnyFaceBox "Funny Face" Template:FunnyFaceBox
PutCookieDown "Put That Cookie Down" Template:PutCookieDown
TicketPaladise "Two Tickets To Paladise"
F&C stuck in saying one two three go s2e19a
WinnerBox "The Winners"
F&C celebrating their win s2e19b
HexGamesBox "Hex Games"
Kyle casts spell on STSWC, part 2 - cropped
SpeedEraserBox "Speed Eraser"
Fanboy erases the board - literally
HeroVillainBox "Heroes vs. Villains"
Bread with no peanut butter - close up s2e21a
AlienPlanetX "Face-Eating Aliens From Planet X"
ColdRushBox "The Cold Rush" Template:ColdRushBox
Camp-ArcticaBox "Camp-Arctica" Template:Camp-ArcticaBox
BuddyUpBox "Buddy Up"
Main 3 on bus s2e23a
NormalDayBox "Normal Day"
Normal F&C s2e20a
MicrophoniesBox "Microphonies"
Fanboy 'kali-ma!' s2e24a
FreezyFreakBox "Freezy Freaks" Template:FreezyFreakBox
SuperChumBox "Super Chums"
Fannihilator accepting Super Chum's friendship s2e25
AttackClones "Attack of the Clones" Template:AttackClones
SecretClubBox "Secret Club"
Super Awesome Club Cheer
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