Agent Johnson is a secret agent who attempted to recall Agent 8 in "Total Recall". At the end of "Jingle Fever", he appears again to congratulate Fanboy and Chum Chum for their jingle composition and awarded them their 1 million Frosty Bucks. In "A Bopwork Orange", he wanted to fire Boog because of his mistreatment of the Frosty Mart's customers. He becomes an antagonist in "Brain Freeze" who takes away Berry and the pink to replace it with radioactive red. However, the 2 boys stop him, and get back the pink. At the end of the episode, Johnson decides to surrender and gives back the pink after the boys destroy the Ice monster. In "Present Not Accounted For", he arrests Janitor Poopitine for taking away Fanboy's Man-Arctica action figure as the Toy Police with the help of Fanboy.

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