Jester Chum Chum's Jingles

Jester performs second jingle

Sung By
:04 (Jingle 1)
:06 (Jingle 2)
:04 (Jingle 3)
:02 (Jingle 4)
:10 (Jingle 5)
:26 (total)
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A set of jingles that Chum Chum, the Court Jester to Fanboy, King of the Janitors, performed in The Sword in the Throne. Throughout the episode, there were 5 jingles total.


Jingle #1
Then the talking toilet said that Fanboy would be king!

Jingle #2
But, the council told you that you muuuust!
So, please get the sawdust!

Jingle #3
Poopatine pointed out the waste, there's sawdust in his face!

Jingle #4
You might wanna get that looked at!

Jingle #5
He pulled the pencil from the wall another mess to clean up
Something, something, something, let's go get a Froooosty Freeeeezy Freeeeeeze!


  • Second time Chum Chum is the only singer. First was "Birthday Cheer".
  • This song features the most reprises at 5.
  • Sixth song to use a singsong voice. First five were "Rain, Rain, Come Again", "S.S. Cuddles", "Fish and Chips", "Kyle's House" and "Birthday Cheer".
    • Technically, this song uses a singing voice and a singsong voice mashup. This is the first song to use that kind of manner.
  • This song became a running gag in the episode.
  • Chum Chum breaks the fourth wall by staring at the camera.
  • If you put all the jingles together, this is the longest time Chum Chum sings by himself without Fanboy.
  • This is the second jingle of Chum Chum's on the show; the first was "Frosty Jingle".
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