Just Justins

Just Justins perform - 8

Sung By
Fanboy (as Just Justins)
:12 (reprise)

Just Justins is a song from "Heroes vs. Villains". It's sung by Just Justin, the boy band made up of Fannihilator's (Fanboy) four handsomest clones, all named Justin, which is Super Chum's (Chum Chum) weakness. Due to their music, Super Chum can't help dancing, but resists and summons just one punch to send the band into space.

The song is reprised at the end of the episode, only this time, Chum Chum uses his heat vision to blast the band causing it to disappear.


We're Just Justins
Justin ti-ime
To beat the hero
Instowable cri-ime
[Continues under dialogue]
Being Justins
What we do-ooo
We'll put those prisoners
In bed just for yo-ou
[Repeats until Super Chum stops them]

Reprise Lyrics:
We're Just Justins
Justin Ti-ime
Justin with lemon
And Justin with li-ime


  • Fanboy's voice is auto-tuned for the entire song, making this the first song to use auto-tune.
  • This is the third song to be hardly heard over someone's dialogue. (Frosty Freezy Freeze Rap, Kyle's House)
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