Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason is a wizard, and is known for doing lots of spells on the show. Watch out though, sometimes the spells don't work, and Kyle might not be showing his nice side for a lot of them.

Season 1

Episode Spell Description Does it work? Portrayed as Protagonist or Antagonist
"Wizboy" Grand enterance His first spell of the series. Performs an epic enterance sequence to show that he's here to learn, finishing with a fireworks show. No one but Fanboy and Chum Chum was interested. Yes Protagonist
Levitating Chuggy's pencil

Used to get Chuggy to leave his seat and sit up front.

(also works as levitating anything or everything).

Yes Antagonist
Winning the wizard-off with a shock ball

Produces a ball of flame to destroy his opponent.

(also known as kill ball).

No Antagonist
"Excuse Me" Conjuring notes

Tries to conjure up more notes, but winds up conjuring other things that have an "N" sound

(also used like counjer (name) ).

No (repeatedly) Protagonist
"Lord of the Rings" Charming Fanboy and Chum Chum Sways his wand back and fourth, and Fanboy and Chum Chum sway along with it like snakes. Yes Antagonist
Light fog
Fanboy in light fog
When someone grabs the wand when it's lit, a light fog will surround himself and the grabber. Yes Antagonist
Disguising himself as Chum Chum
That's preposterous
Used to fool Fanboy so he can learn the ring trick. Yes Antagonist

Season 2

Episode Spell Description Does it work? Portrayed as Protagonist or Antagonist
"Crib Notes"

The Crib Notes spell

What's wrong, baby Kyle
Turns himself into a baby, and sleeps for five minutes causing him to blab weird words (BACA for example) to cheat on a test. Yes Protagonist
"Tooth or Scare" Shrinking Fanboy and Chum Chum
I though I was allergic to goose down
Bonks F&C on their heads so they can go in his mouth and put his tooth back in place. Yes (temporary) Protagonist

Defeating the Wizard Tooth Fairy

Pillows lined up
Summons pillows from bed to bath and beyond, and fires them at the Wizard Tooth Fairy, causing him to fly away screaming. Yes Protagonist
"Present Not Accounted For" Magic show
I have something grander in mind
Kyle in the snow
Performs in a magic show at Chum Chum's tenth birthday. Shown and mentioned events include reciting an epic speech sequence and summoning a dragon to paint everyone's names in fire. Yes Protagonist
"Brain Freeze" Background switch
Kyle sends the living room background away
He switches the background from his living room to the Fanlair to get their quicker. Note: This breaks the fourth wall. Yes Protagonist
Partying at Kyle's
Uses his wand to produce a flashback of what happened last night. This trick breaks the fourth wall, also. Yes Protagonist
"Kids in the Hall" Door closes itself He makes the door slam itself shut, so he can focus on his 3000-word readmission essay. Yes Antagonist
Crystal Ball distraction
Kyle shows his crystal ball
He sneakily shows Fanboy and Chum Chum his crystal ball and tells them to look close at it to see hallways they never dreamed of. However, they do so and get sucked in to a dimension of oblivion. Yes (temporarily) Antagonist
Taming the three-headed dog
Dog-guardia levosia
Tries to distract the three-headed dog by chanting "Dog-Guardia Levosia" but gets interrupted by Fanboy when he takes it, claiming he's taking too long. The wand is then used to distract the dog by getting thrown into the portal. No Protagonist
"There Will Be Shrieks" Bailhok
Table spirit
By entering his super-powerful avatar state, he cracks open a table, revealing a bailhok that makes everyone scream so loud, their screams will fly out. However, he can't summon it forever. Yes (temporally) Protagonist
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