A kiss is a way to show affection between two people. A person kisses another person by pressing his or her lips against another person's lips or cheek.

Known kisses

Picture(s) Episode Notes
Fanboy kissing Chum Chum's forehead s1e3a "Trading Day" Fanboy kisses Chum Chum's forehead right before trading him to Yo.
Fanboy mad that Yo is kissing Chum Chum "Brain Drain" Yo is seen kissing Chum Chum in the Bathtub of Fury when Fanboy tells her to leave.
LupeSmoochyFace "Fanboyfriend" Lupe decided to kiss Fanboy when he hung from the ceiling to disappear. This is the first kiss to not be shown, as the "Smooch" action card blocks the entire thing.
Kyle kissing the road s1e18a "Fan vs. Wild" Kyle kisses the road of the Frosty Mart parking lot.
Fanboy kisses the book report "The Book Report of the Dead" Fanboy gives his book report a kiss after finishing it.
Fanboy gives Chum Chum a kiss "Saving Private Chum Chum" After finally getting Chum Chum back from Hank, Fanboy happly gives him a big kiss on the cheek.
Lenny kisses Bikey s1e25b "The Great Bicycle Mystery" Lenny kisses his bike, Bikey, before going to work.
Brain Freeze Slideshow 14
Brain Freeze Slideshow 15
Brain Freeze Slideshow 16
"Brain Freeze" During the slideshow at the end, Fanboy is seen getting kissed by Lupe and Yo, then Chum Chum is seen getting kissed by Mrs. Cram and Sprinkles. In the third, Dollarnator kisses a toaster.
Fanboy kisses Scooter - part 2 "Rattleskunkupine!" When Chum Chum says Scooter likes to get kicked out of a Dog Park, Fanboy kisses his quills, but his lips swell up because of this.
F&C have been kissed s2e21b "Face-Eating Aliens From Planet X" Fanboy and Chum Chum get kissed all over by the girls as their "punishment" for sneeking into Yo's sleepover in disguise.
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