"He's doing the work of three eh-stooges."

Lupe is one of Fanboy and Chum Chum's schoolmates.


Lupe is kind and free-spirited to Fanboy and Chum Chum, but at times can be a little on the rough side of things. She is always full of her own ideas and even helps someone keep their feet on the ground. She usually speaks in a calm voice to others, and acts like a mother to the kids. Lupe is a loyal friend.

Physical Appearance

Lupe is in a large, rounded figure with pale apricot skin. She has dark brown hair done up in bunches with pink elastics, and has a gap in her teeth. She wears a t-shirt with pink, orange, white and green stripes. She wears dark brown skirt, and has black galoshes respectively.

She also shares similar traits with Molly, one of the toddlers.


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Fanboy and Lupe's Relationship

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Yo and Lupe's Relationship

Kyle and Lupe's relationship


  • It is suggested that Lupe might be of a Spanish descent, because she speaks with a Spanish accent and sometimes uses Spanish words in her sentences. Her names, Lupe, is also a Spanish name.
  • Her first speaking role was in "Pick a Nose" when she let Fanboy use her smelly gym bag.
  • She had a crush on Fanboy after he squished a spider that was near her (Fanboyfriend).
  • She punched Kyle after he de-levitated into her lunch (Wizboy).
  • Her hair buns can be used for many things, and are even detachable.
  • In Fanboy A'Hoy!, her pirate name is Blackbeard. She also wore a fake beard.
  • Her uncle married a chicken, as revealed in the episode "Night Morning".
  • She likes to knit sweaters.
  • She is afraid of spiders.
  • Her best friend is Yo.
  • One time, she passed off as a robo-droid (Battle of the Stands), but that was erased from the rest of the series as a joke.
  • The Fanboy Bible tells us that Lupe is mean and Marsha's sidekick who hates boys. In the show this was changed to Lupe being often accompanied by Yo and her personality being kind-spirited.
  • Lupe is one of the only two female characters without eyelashes, the other being Marsha.

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