-Man-Arctica's catchphrase

"I'm Man-Arctica! I save entire galaxies before breakfast!"

Man-Arctica is an ice-themed superhero in Fanboy & Chum Chum.


The most famous sub-zero superhero to everyone in Galaxy Hills, Man-Arctica is brave, bold and strong. A resident at the Igloo of Ice-olation, he knows where there's crime and goes there to fight it. He even acts as a Santa Claus-like figure to everyone on Icemas (a parody of Christmas), and delivers toys to everyone in town. Man-Arctica is true and bold.

Physical Appearance

Man-Arctica is known to wear his super suit wherever he goes. He wears special slippers, gloves, shoulder caps, underwear and a helmet with an ice coating. He also has ice goggles and a huge chin. His head is slightly falcon-like. The only part of his suit which is not ice-coated is his cape. It stops just at his knees and has a zigzag on the hem. His suit also has an "M-A" monogrammed onto the chest.




Man-arctica's introduction
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  • He loves milk and cookies, but not cookies and milk after getting sick the first time he tried them, as shown in "Night Morning".
  • His name is a pun on Antarctica.
  • He is known to be the most common appeared character other than Fanboy and Chum Chum, as he has appeared and was mentioned in a number of episodes and made many cameos. His merchandise is also seen often.
  • His biggest fans are Fanboy, Chum Chum, and the Secret Shopper.
  • "Freeze Tag" reveals that Man-Arctica is allergic to wool.
  • He attended Slapmanulic Community College. ("I'm Man-Arctica!")
  • He was under a sleeping spell while in Grandma Ray's sweater, whereas she also baked him Chocolate Crinkle cookies. ("I'm Man-Arctica!")
  • Kyle once mispronounced his name as "Man-Artica" ("Separation Anxiety").
  • It's revealed that he battles villains before breakfast. ("I'm Man-Arctica!")

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