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-Michael Johnson[source]

Michael Johnson is a character from Fanboy and Chum Chum.


Nothing about Michael's background has been mentioned in the series.

Michael seems to be a sociable kid with a love for dancing. He is in Fanboy and Chum Chum's 5th grade class, and often interacts with his fellow classmates, most notably Duke, Chris Chuggy, and Cheech. He is mostly known for being a Michael Jackson parody.

Physical Appearance

Michael is tall and rounded, with dark brown skin. He has curly, dark brown hair in a shaggy up-do, most likely for disco dancers. He wears a pale red short-sleeved jacket and pants with a dark blue sweater underneath with a red lightning bolt over a yellow circle, and black boots.



  • He is an obvious parody of Michael Jackson.
  • His first speaking part was in "Chimp Chomp Chumps" when he came out of the theater, thinking the Chimp Chomp movie was great.
  • Fanboy once called him Michael Jackson by accident ( Moppy Dearest )
  • Michael is voiced by Wyatt Cenac, the same voice actor for Lenny.
  • As a pirate, he goes by the nickname "The Dancing Dutchman" (Fanboy A'hoy!).
  • He sometimes wears dark shades to the school dance (Moppy Dearest).
  • He sometimes wears sun glasses inside, and/or at night.
  • His shirt could be a reference to TMNT.
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