"Snack time, everyone!"

Miss Linda Olive is a teacher at Galaxy Hills Kindergarten.


She is the kindergarten teacher who just loves little children. When it's snack time or nap time, she announces it in a very enthusiastic manner. Her time-out place for the kids is a giant gingerbread house. She also has a job at the dentist's office as the receptionist.

Physical Appearance

She looks strikingly similer to Madame LaVache with the exception that she does not wear a pale brown beret or sleet black glasses.


  • She is known to appear a lot, but sometimes is dressed as Madame LaVache.
  • "Dental Illness" reveals her first name is Linda. In the same episode, Nika Futterman voiced her instead of Candi Milo.
    • She isn't the only character to have two voice actors. Chris Chuggy has been voiced by both Eric Robles and Jeff Bennett while Nancy Pancy has been voiced by Kari Wahlgren and Nika Futterman.