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Moppy's Song is a song from Moppy Dearest from Fanboy and Chum Chum season 1. It's when Fanboy finds Moppy in the audience, and sings a short, slow song about her.


Fanboy: I think this next power ballad can express my feelings better than words ever could. (whispers to Man-Arctica)

[lights change]

Fanboy: Moppy, I see your bucket in the distance
Lupe: You are so lucky.
Fanboy: I'll take you by the handle
And love'll sweep us away

Cher: Ew! Chum chum's cousin just barfed on the dance floor!
Crowd: -Ew! -My shoes! (back away)

Fanboy: What do you say, Moppy?
Take a chance on this dreamer for old times' sake? (sigh)

[Fanboy uses Moppy to clean up the barf, then they both slow-dance while the song continues instrumently]


  • This song is inspired in real life, when someone sings a song to his girlfriend.
  • Third time Fanboy is the only singer. First two were "Bouncy House" and "Fanboy's Orchestra Song".
  • Error: When Fanboy starts singing, his mouth doesn't move.
  • This is more evidence that Fanboy is an amazing singer.
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