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Mrs. Harmounian is an elderly woman, who is also the mother of Oz and she lives with him.


She hates it when Oz buys new toys instead of selling toys at his store. Her sole mission is to get rid of Oz's shop, threatening to turn it into a yogurt shop! If Oz doesn't sell his shop, it's yogurt time --- all the toppings will be fresh fruit. She has a pet goat named Mitzi which she uses to make milk for the yogurt. In "Digital Pet Cemetery" she was all nice and sweet to Oz, baking him cupcakes. However, in all her other appearances she is depicted as bossy and mean.




  • She speaks with a German accent, and seems to have improper grammar, much like Sigmund. A quote of hers demonstrating this is: "I'm taking Mitzi to goat park! When we get back, you better have cash moneys!"
  • In Total Recall she begin to fall for Agent Johnson who, at the time worked for the toy police, after learning he came to take back a recall toy he purchase. But then would hate him when she discovered that he was actually planing to exchange it for a bigger toy, which made her angry as she hates it when Oz get new toys.
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