"Don’t listen to him, Mr. Mufflin, he’s the one who hurts all our class pets."
-Nancy Pancy[source]

Nancy Pancy is a character from Fanboy and Chum Chum.


A sweet, but nerdy girl in Mr. Mufflin's class, Nancy is kind and free-spirited. She's really smart, and acts like a mother to the rest of the students. Nancy is smart and nerdy, just like her self. She is known to answer almost anything correctly. She's also full of advice when it comes to anything hard or seemingly tough.

Physical Appearance

Nancy has short, brown hair tied back with a small pink butterfly clip. She has large, black glasses and pink earrings. She wears a white T-shirt with blue and light green stripes, blue shorts with hearts, and white sneakers with pink and blue trim.


Nancy Mechatech jump rope
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  • Her first speaking role was in "Fanboy Stinks", when she asked Chum Chum not to make the Pecan Log.
  • Like Kyle, she is a good inventor.
  • She blamed Fanboy for almost hurting Precious (Precious Pig).
  • As a pirate, she goes by the name "Nancy the Pancy" (Fanboy A'hoy!).
  • She is afraid of glop (Little Glop of Horrors).
  • Wahlgren provides her voice for some episodes, but in a few others, her voice was provided by Futterman, the same voice actor for Chum Chum.
    • She isn't the only character to have two voice actors. Chris Chuggy has been voiced by both Eric Robles and Jeff Bennett while Miss Olive has been voiced by Candi Milo and Nika Futterman.
  • She jump-ropes with her Mechatech (Trading Day).
  • She attended Chum Chum's private birthday party (Present Not Accounted For).
  • She is the leader of the Bake Sale, and she seems annoyed when Chum Chum brings his Peacan log every year.

Episode Appearances