Norse Code

Norse Code title card

Season 1, Episode 25
May 15, 2010
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Oh, it's my battle axe, Groc! He's lost, and I can't find him!

— Thorvald

Norse Code is episode 25a of Fanboy and Chum Chum season 1.

Thorvald comes to visit Fanboy and Chum Chum at school and tells them that his battle axe, Groc, has went missing. The boys must help the viking get the axe back, but they have to battle Mrs. Cram and follow her orders first.


David Hornsby as Fanboy

Nika Futterman as Chum Chum

Nolan North as Thorvald

Jeff Bennett as Mr. Mufflin

Candi Milo as Mrs. Cram, Lupe


Fanboy and Chum Chum were in the middle of a lesson when Thorvald, their viking friend, barges in! He tells the boys that while in Valhalla, he lost his battle axe in the real world, and needed their help to find it. Have no fear, "Flathead" and "Halflegs" are here! After a breif search through school, they finally find the axe--in the kitchen of the school cafeteria. Problem: Mrs. Cram won't hand it over! So, the trio do their best to steal it back. First, they try sawing things for Mrs. Cram to distract her, but to no avail. They then try taking it from her when she's not looking, but that did not work at all. Thorvald then tries giving out lunch to the other students, but is annoyed when he has to flip-flop giving less and more mashed potatoes to Lupe. Fanboy then decides it's his last hope, so he and Chum Chum swipe the axe--and rip Mrs. Cram's hairnet off her head, which reveals all her powers were in it. Shortly, after getting the axe back, Thorvald begins to fall in love with Mrs. Cram and decides to marry her. Fanboy and Chum Chum are sad they'll miss their lunch lady. They wave goodbye to Thorvald, and he and Mrs. Cram go off to Valhalla. Fanboy and Chum Chum then get a new lunch lady with her saying to them, "You must be my new ingredients", and Fanboy and Chum Chum run away terrified.


For a full transcript of Norse Code, click here.


For a full transcript of Norse Code, click here.


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  • This episode is the sequel to "Norse-ing Around". It's also the first "Norse" episode that Kyle appears in. However, even though Kyle appears, he does not speak.
  • Lupe calls mashed potatoes "smashy potatoes" in this episode.



  • The title is a spoof on "Morse Code".


  • During the part where Lunch Lady Cram asks Fanboy if he has any last words, Fanboy says he has just two, and says "Now, Chum Chum!" However, Chum Chum's name is two words long, so technically, the sentence "Now, Chum Chum!" is three words, not two.
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