-Oz's catchphrase

Oswald Z. "Oz" Harmounian is an adult friend of Fanboy and Chum Chum, and the secondary tritagonist of the show.


Oz is the wisest, strongest, and most amazing friend to Fanboy and Chum Chum. As the oldest of their group of friends, he is known to be "the most knowledgeable human being ever," yet in reality he is a nerdish know-it-all who lives with his elderly mother. He runs a comic shop called Oz Comix, and he has a vast stock of comics and collectibles, all of which he hoards, and none of which he is willing to sell.


Strong, fierce, and brave, Oz can be willing to help anyone. He wouldn't doubt anyone in trouble, and often feels sorry for them. However, he is sometimes angered and saddened when someone (especially his mother) wants him to sell something in his shop. But mean or not, Oz can be brave and fearless.

Physical Appearance


Oz is plump with moderate apricot skin. He has long, jet-black hair in a ponytail, a soul patch beard and a goatee. He also has a set of freckles on his chin.

Oz typically wears a black, high collared leather jacket with a red shirt of an angry cat emblem underneath and skinny jeans. Around his waist is a black belt with his name engraved on the buckle. He also wears dark red galoshes, perfect for stomping on things really hard.


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  • Oz hates Crabulus: Destroyer of Worlds, and said he sold out. (The Hard Sell)
  • He owns a robot named Mr. Roboto who is from an 80s movie called "Nerds." (I, Fanbot)
  • He also had a robot assistant, Julie Android, who Dollar-nator liked. (Robo-mance)
  • His bedroom is his comic book shop (Risky Brizness)
  • It is possible he is of Armenian descent.
  • Oz led an angry mob against the Frosty Mart in 1997 when it had a nacho shortage. (I, Fanbot)

Episode Appearances

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