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[Scene opens up showing the Fanlair, then cut inside to F&C's alarm clocks. They go off]
Fanboy's Alarm: WHAT TIME IS IT?!?
Chum Chum's Alarm: It's 7:00, and today is...
Fanboy's Alarm: [different voice] Prank Day.
[F&C sit up in bed]
Fanboy/Chum Chum: Prank Day!
Fanboy: The most pranktacular, prankilicious, pranktastic day of the whole pranking year! [Head flap opens making balloons and confetti fly out, along with a voice saying "surprise"]
Chum Chum: Yeah, happy Prank Day, Fanboy! [Pulls a lever near his bead, slamming Fanboy's bed into the wall]
Fanboy: [laughs] Good one, Chum Chum, happy Prank Day to you too.
[He pulls a lever by his bed slamming Chum Chum's bed into the wall. Chum Chum does the same. This continues several times]

[Fanboy goes to the fridge, opens it and a bear comes out!]
[Chum Chum goes to the toilet with a newspaper. A vaccume sucks him into the toilet and Fanboy comes out of Chum Chum's bathtub, laughing.]
[Chum Chum sits on the couch eating cereal. Fanboy comes over with cereal and a remote. He sits down and presses a button on the remote. The couch cushion Chum Chum was sitting on springs up, sending Chum Chum flying all over the Fanlair. Fanboy then looks at his cereal, and a bear comes out and eats him. Chum Chum comes back laughing and Fanboy gets out of the bear.]
[End of montage]
Fanboy: Now, the real prank meal awaits us at school.

[Later, at school...]
[We see many pranks in the background. Janitor Poopatine and Hank throw pies in each other's faces. Michael surprises Nancy with a trick can of worms. Lupe squirts Chuggy's face with a squirting flower.]
Fanboy: I love the smell of cream pies in the face in the morning, smells like victory.
Chum Chum: Who are we gonna prank? Huh? huh?
Fanboy: Hmm. [spies a victim] Perfect!
[His perspective, Kyle is stomping through the halls grumply.]
Kyle: What a immature custom. [Close-up.] Prank Day, feh!
Fanboy: [offscreen] Hello, Kyle.
Kyle: [looks down and finds himself standing on Fanboy's head] Ah! [jumps off] What do you two boobs want?
Fanboy: We were just hoping you could help us out by...pulling my finger.
[Fanboy sticks out his right index finger. Kyle looks at the camera for a moment]
Kyle: Certainly. [Walks over to Fanboy's left] I'll just do it from over here. [Pulls Fanboy's finger, and suddenly, his head flap opens, spraying brain fart all over him!] Ew! Oh...smell...bad...
Fanboy and Chum Chum: [laughed and rolled on the floor]
[Kyle drops to the ground, grossed out]
Chum Chum: Brain farts rule.
[Kyle disappears]

[Yo comes by]
Yo: Hi, Fanboy! Hey there, my widdle Chummy Wummy!
Chum Chum: Hey, Yo. Happy Prank Day.
Yo: What's Prank Day?
Fanboy: Oh, Yo. Allow the Fanman to educate you in the ways of the world. See, prank day is the day when people play pranks on each other. Observe! [Goes over to Chum Chum and gives him a stick of orange gum] Gum gum, Chum Chum?
[Chum Chum tastes the gum. He smiles, revealing his teeth turned purple.]
Yo: Oh, I get it. Thanks, Fanboy! Fanboy: No problem. Now, if you'll excuse us -- [trips]
Yo: [claps and jumps] Yay! My first prank!
Fanboy: Beginners' luck, Yo.
Yo: Here, Let me help you up!
[She gives him her hand, but he gets shocked due to a joy buzzer]
Fanboy: Got me again. You're a fast learner.
Yo: You look like you could use some water.
Fanboy: That would be.... [a piranha pops out of the cup and bites Fanboy's nose] PIRANHA!!!!! You got quite a street-going, Yo.
Yo: And I owe it all to you! Here, I want you to have this present. [gives him a gift]
Fanboy: Oooh! I like...
[A bear pops out of the gift box and attacks Fanboy]
Yo: Thanks a lot, Fanboy!
Fanboy: Eh, don't mention it. Augh, watch the face!

[F&C are watching Yo at her locker]
Fanboy: There she is. Time to teach her who's the Prank Master. You got the itching powder?
[Chum Chum presents a can of itching powder. They slither up to Yo]
Fanboy: Wha!
[Yo's backpack grabs them with claws]
Yo: A mega-wedgie! Pretty good prank, eh, Fanboy?
Fanboy: [not so thrilled] Not bad!
Yo: I love Prank Day! Oh, check out the stickers I made! [slaps a sticker of her making a goofy face on Fanboy's forehead] In Yo face!
Fanboy: Very creative.
Yo: Oh, and sorry about your itchy butt.
Fanboy: What do you mean? I --
Chum Chum: [suddenly shaking the itching powder] Oy! Fanboy!
Fanboy: Itching powder! [stutters]

Na na na na na na
[Montage! Yo holds up a banana peel and throws it to the ground. Fanboy slips on it]
Fanboy: AHHHH!! [slams into a locker]
Yo: [pops out of a locker and slaps a sticker on Fanboy's forehead] In Yo face!
Na na na na na na
[Fanboy is holding a whoopee cushion. After a pause, he blows it up, but Yo squeezes its air into Fanboy, causing him to deflate and shrink]
Yo: [slaps a sticker on tiny Fanboy's forehead] In Yo face!
Na na na na na na
[F&C are laughing when they hear a knock]
Fanboy: Hmm? [opens head flap revealing Yo with a pie] AAHHHH!!
Yo: [slams the pie on Fanboy's forehead. It has a sticker on it] In Yo face!
[The entire screen gets covered with stickers as the montage ends]

Fanboy: Oh...she'll find me...
Chum Chum: Fanboy? [opens locker and gasps]
[Fanboy is covered in stickers and is shivering]
Fanboy: In Yo face. In Yo face. In Yo face. In Yo face.
Chum Chum: Oh, come on, buddy. You've had a rough day. Let's go get you a Frosty Freezy Freeze.

[At the Frosty Mart...]
Fanboy: There's got to be a way to out-prank Yo! We-we just haven't figured it out yet.
Lenny: [snoring]
Boog: Shh.
Fanboy: Mmm? [at Lenny] Uh, Lenny?
Lenny: [wakes up] Huh? Aw, man. I was dreaming I was napping.
Fanboy: Uh, two Fr-osty Freezy Freezes, please. [hands him a dollar]
Lenny: Whatever. [goes over to the register] Here's your -- [A Monkey appears on the register theme and the horse trumpet sounds] Change?
[A pig runs through a door under the counter on a rope and drags Lenny along with it. Screaming, Lenny is dragged along with the rope through the store]
Lenny: I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! [gets dragged out the door]

Boog: Ha! The Prank Master strikes again! Nailed it! Original prankster number one! Who Da Man? Who Da Man? I Da Man, with a capital "D"; "a": "Da".
Fanboy: Whoah-hoah! Boog, how did you -- ?
Boog: When it comes to pranking, I wrote the book! Really, I did. [shows his prank book]
Fanboy: "Taking Time To Smell the Fake Doodie, Boog's Best Pranks: A To Z". [A light bulb appears over his head] Boog's the Prank Master. [hugs Boog's head] He can help us!
Boog: [pulls Fanboy off] Never...touch...the face.
Fanboy: We're desperate! We need your help to prank someone!
Boog: Who?
[Yo enters, playing with Scampers]
Fanboy: [gasps] Her.
Boog: The little girl?
Fanboy: [whispers into Boog's ear] She's a viper.
Yo: [clapping] Oh, goody! It's my brothers-in-prank, Fanboy and Chum Chum! Woowoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoo! [tickles Chum Chum] Doesn't Prank Day make you think warm, fuzzy thoughts like puppies and rainbows and Chum Chum? [squeezes Chum Chum] Ah, me too.
Fanboy: [takes Chum Chum away] Stay away! [at Boog] See what I mean? Vicious.
Boog: I ain't even gonna waste my time with her. Now get out of my face and go bother someone less...awesome.
Fanboy: [gets some sort of psycho face] Sure, Boog! We get it! Come on, Chum Chum. Boog's scared he doesn't have a prank for us that's good enough to fool Yo. Then he won't be Prank Master.
Boog: Pffft. Right, what, now I'm supposed to say, "I'll show you. I'll help you prank Yo"? [chuckle] Like I'm gonna fall for the -- [approaches F&C] OKAY, WELL, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M GONNA DO! When you're done with her, she won't even know what pranked her, right?

Na na na na na

[Boog is reading his book]
Boog: [at the camera] Oh, yeah. Prank #3149 with the optional grunfeld reverse. Ch-ka! It's foolproof! Learn it, live it. [pause] Learn it!
Fanboy and Chum Chum: Got it!
Boog:Good! Now get out there and go prank one for the booger! [F&C salute, then Fanboy launches Chum Chum out of frame. He battle cries as he walks offscreen]
Fanboy: Ah, she's got eggs! Ow. Ow!
[Eggs splatter all over F&C. They walk back onscreen covered in eggs]
Boog: Yeesh. Talk about getting egg on your face.
Yo: [clapping] Wasn't that just the funnest? Oops, almost forgot! [Slaps stickers on F&C's foreheads] In Yo face! [at Boog] And since it was your idea, in Yo face, too! [slaps sticker on Boog's forehead]
Chum Chum: Oh, I guess Yo is the Prank Master, huh, Boog? [Boog's head turns red] Boog?
Boog: [steam blows out of ears] Gentlemen, that alleged little girl has drawn first blood! So what are you prepared to do about it?
Fanboy: Move to Swaziland!
Chum Chum: [with baggage] Give me five minutes to pack.
Boog: No! We're gonna prank back and prank back hard! Just look at her, smugly gloating on her victory!
Fanboy: [wimpering]
Boog: It's on, junior pranksters. We're in this together!
Fanboy: Mold our eager minds into a fine paste, oh, wise one!
Boog: The key to a good prank is knowing your victim's -- weakness.
Fanboy: Hmm. She likes playing with gadgets, her best friend is a pinecone named Ingrid, and...she would believe anything if she thought she could get her hands on Chum Chum!
[They sneer at Chum Chum]
Chum Chum: What? Do I have a dangler?

[Yo is looking at glasses for her pine cone, Ingrid]
Yo: No. Those make you look stuck up.
Chum Chum: Oh, no, no, no, no! I won't do it. You guys can prank Yo without me!
Fanboy: But Chumalito, you heard what Boog said. We're all in this together!
Boog: Hey, what's wrong with this kid? He's making me look bad!
Fanboy: Ugh, I don't know, Boog. Sometimes I wish Yo would just take him. Let's go.
[Fanboy and Boog leave]
Yo: What...was that all about?
Chum Chum: They wanted to use me as bait so they could prank you. Me, bait!
Yo: Those monsters, trying to make you look silly like that? Now you come home with me, and we'll get you into a nice warm sundress.
Chum Chum: Yo?
Yo: Yes, my perfect tiny snuggle face?
Chum Chum: Would you take a step to your right?
Yo: [Walks onto a red "X" on the floor] Sure, Chum Chum. How come?
Chum Chum: No reason. NOOOOOOW! [leaves]
[Boog and Fanboy swing down on ropes, pies in hand]
Boog: Huzzah-ya!
Fanboy: Ah-la-la-la-la! [continues]
Boog: Oh, yeah!
[Just then, Yo steps off the X and Boog and Fanboy hit each other with pies]
Boog: My whole pranking career down in flames! I ain't never been so humiliated.
Yo: You didn't really think I was gonna fall for your play-acting, did you?
Fanboy: That was kind of the idea.
Yo: [giggling] You'd never turn your back on Chum Chum like that. But since you did say you wanted me to take him... [puts a sailor hat on Chum Chum] don't mind if I do! Oh, Chum Chum!
[She throws Chum Chum up into the air and when he lands on her, fart covers the screen and Yo is burnt and dirty]
Fanboy: CHUM CHUM, YOU DID IT! YOU PRANKED YO! [At Yo] Ya see, Yo? That's what happens when you go up against real Prank Masters!
Boog: Oh, yeah! In Yo face, baby. [laughs]
[Boog dances]
Boog: How ya like us now? Huh? How ya like us now?
Boog: How ya like us now? Yeah...! [F&C join in]
Fanboy/Chum Chum/Boog: ...How ya like us now? Huh?
Yo: [sadly] You pranked me. You really pranked me. [then, happily] SWEET!
[Fanboy, Chum Chum and Boog stop dancing and gasp]
Yo: Great prank, guys! I can hardly wait till next year! Byyyye! [exits]

Boog: [pause] That girl is ice cold. She even takes the fun out of gloating.
Fanboy: [hugs Chum Chum] I had no idea you were wearing the exploding underpants I got you last Prank Day.
Chum Chum: Uh...I'm not.
Fanboy: Aaaaah. [pause] Ohhhhh.
[Fart covers the screen]
Na na na na na na

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