The Hall Monitors Square Dance Band

The band performing "Hall Monitor Hoedown".

Country, Western

The Hall Monitors Square Dance Band is a western group from Galaxy Hills. It's made up of Fanboy, his friends Chum Chum and Kyle, and the class bear, Sprinkles. They first formed when F&C were hall monitors, and Hall Monitor Hoedown is their biggest hit.


It started when F&C were chosen to be the Hall Monitors of the school. They saw the kids running amok, and told them to slow down. Later on, it turned into a hoedown, forming the band.

How it went

Kyle was running through the hall when the kids start tossing him around and dancing with him. He sees F&C are having a hoedown due to the fact that they told the other kids to slow down. There was also a greased pig contest, too. Fanboy invited Kyle to do-si-do, but Kyle says he "do-si-don't" and had to deliver an essay, which a goat chewed up. Kyle was carried back to class, and had to deliver an essay post-haste.

Later on, Kyle failed to get re-admitted once again. Fanboy told him he and Chum Chum always have a position for him in the Hall Monitors, and Kyle decided to join them. Chum Chum then gave Kyle a spoon instrument to play, and Kyle admitts he does have the teeth for it. Now, they are one big, happy band.



  • The hats the members wear are the same hats Fanboy and Chum Chum wear in "Frosty Mart Dream Vacation". Also, the beards Fanboy and Chum Chum wear are the same beards they grew in "Schoolhouse Lock".
  • Sprinkles playing the tub bass may be a reference to Emmett Otter playing the washtub bass in "Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas". Also, the melody to Hall Monitor Hoedown sounds similer to "Barbecue".
  • Kyle does a "gaa-gaa goo-goo" in the said song, which is a reference to Lady Gaga.
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