FB KrakenTwins
The Kraken Twins are two deleted Fanboy & Chum Chum characters. The only mention of them was in The Fanboy Bible.


Fanboy’s nemesis. Nemeses? It’s hard to tell, because the Kraken brothers always show up stuck together, like some strange two-headed squid. And like the mythical krakens that would pull ships to their watery graves, these Krakens live to drag Fanboy down. The twins’ dad owns Krazy Kraken Fish Tacos, and he forces his sons to wear embarrassing squid costumes to promote the restaurant. They resent Fanboy and Chum Chum’s freedom to choose their own outfits, and have made it their mission to spoil all their fun. The brothers are very creepy and weird. Viggo has a tendency to lick things. Hugo is not as bad. He only sniffs things. But they both live to rain – or squirt black ink – on Fanboy’s parade.


It is unknown why they were deleted from the show.

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