"Right here, His name is Scampers."
-Yo, Digital Pet Cemetery

Yo is a character in Fanboy and Chum Chum.
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Yo is a Japanese-American girl who has a big attraction to Chum Chum, even though Fanboy does not appreciate it. She is sweet and fun, and ready for anything. Nothing about her background has been mentioned in the series.


Yo is sweet, gentle, and is a collector of cute things. She owns Yamaguchi digital pets, one which is named Scampers. She thinks that Chum Chum is adorable, and "Chum Chummy". She even tries to steal him sometimes, which greatly annoys Fanboy. Yo is also known to be a talented prankster, dominating Fanboy whenever Prank Day comes.

Yo is usually in a good mood, but gets angry whenever Fanboy takes Chum Chum away, or other reasons. She usually acts as an antagonist toward Fanboy when he tries to take back Chum Chum, although she feels sorry for him a lot.

Physical Appearance

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Yo is tall and rounded, with light-pinkish-apricot skin. She has short, jet-black hair with bangs that dent on the right side, in a two pigtail hair-do with pink hairbows.


She usually wears a yellow and pink shirt with a smiley-face on it, a pink and green plaid skirt, and yellow and pink high-top shoes. Her frog backpack is her trademark, and is seen without it on occasions.


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Fanboy and Yo's relationship

Chum Chum and Yo's relationship

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  • She owns a variety of Yamaguchi digital pets. Scampers, one of them, seems to have lived a long time.
  • As a pirate, she goes by the name "Lady Revenge" (Fanboy A'hoy!).
  • She has a castle dollhouse (The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy).
  • She has a major crush on Chum Chum and wants desperately to play with him to Fanboy's dismay. She's shown doing this for most of Season 1 but in Season 2, she doesn't seem to do it anymore.
  • Her best friend besides Ingrid is Lupe.
  • She first appeared in the pilot episode, at one of the desks eating lunch, while her first speaking part was in the first part of the third episode.
  • She has a pinecone named Ingrid who is her "best friend" (Prank Master).
  • She seems to be a real good pranker, especially when it comes to Fanboy (Prank Master). For every prank, she uses the phrase, "In Yo Face!". She then slaps a sticker on your forehead.
  • She can be brave when she's in the graveyard (Fanboy A'hoy!).
  • She gave Chum Chum gift box rocket boots for his birthday (Present Not Accounted For).
  • "Brain Drain" reveals she owns a transporter cell phone made by her dad.
  • She served as the "communications" on Fanboy's rescue mission in "Saving Private Chum Chum".
  • Yo only has a speaking role in six episodes of season 2, making that season her shortest role to date.

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