Yo and chum chum

Yo has a huge, major crush on Chum Chum, to which Chum Chum is annoyed at. Almost every time this occurs, Yo is seeming to try and get Chum Chum to herself. Although this happens almost every time they are around, Chum Chum and Yo seem to soften and feel sorry a lot as the series goes. They are known by ChumYo, their duoname.

Yo's Opinion of Chum Chum

Holding chum chum by the leg
Yo seems to have a huge friendship lock on Chum Chum other than anyone else. She loves him more than anyone, and thinks she and Chum Chum should be a couple. She wants to get Chum Chum to herself and have fun with him, and sees him like they should be a couple rather than just friends. However, she also feels sorry for Chum Chum and even tags along with him on occasions. Yo is always there for Chum Chum, and is sticking close to him.

Chum Chum's Opinion of Yo

Hugging chum chum
Chum Chum is friends with Yo, but to his perspective, she drives him nuts. He is exreamly annoyed by Yo's company and nuttiness over him, and demands this to stop at once. But Yo sees that he and Chum should be together, like a family, and will not give up.

Notable Friendship Moments

  • Yo played nose-pong with Chum Chum, and even watches him play a nose flute. (Pick a Nose)
  • For one day, Chum Chum hung out with Yo, pretending to be a pony and even a human yamagutchi (Trading Day)
  • Yo was around Chum Chum for most of Prank Day, and was even asked to be the bait. (Prank Master)
  • While Yo was in the role of a firefighter in the kids' convincing play, she picked up Chum Chum, who was the cat, and held him for when she said he needed to go to the cat doctor. (Little Glop of Horrors)
  • Chum Chum was with Yo for when she invited him to be on the "S.S. Cuddles" boat back at her house. (The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy)


Yo holds Chum Cat
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